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Poem 207 – Fugue Submission

Fugue Submission 

: the recollection of a submission discovered like plastic treasure
upon receiving its rejection

why did i write that poem?
why did i believe it was good?
why did i pay the fee and send it into the ether of highly flammable hope and vapid validation?

twas a fugue move
a brief flash in the pan – mind-numbed by theme or desperation or self-sabotage
or all three
utterly disturbed and 
bloody barefoot on the high wire yet driven to 
experimental expressions: write revise send
blah blah blah
there it goes…..

twas a fugue performance 
reprimanded by a tweet announcing the winners
– their names acupuncture needles lifting the memory of the words 
from deeply tensed muscles pushed together to form another layer of loss
I forget to feel until I feel it again and again

these repetitious fizzles
negate each tiny recovery
it’s better to forget
to keep beginning again
to let layers leaven like sweet bread

One thought on “Poem 207 – Fugue Submission

  1. Well Vanessa,

    You’ve “hit it “ with this one! We’ve all “been there” and will be again! Such is life with poetry, or anything worthwhile!

    Thanks for writing this- I think it should be discussed in poetry classes, especially for beginners- the message, “Keep writing”- Don’t give up!



    Liked by 1 person

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