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Poem 238 – The Great Canadian Challenge

The Great Canadian Challenge

before anything else – jump in the water
before coffee & donuts
before lists & laundry
before texts & emails
jump in the water

the pool
the pond
the river
the lake
the ocean

get your body in the water
let it work its magic
zap your skin awake
squeeze your heart to gentle shock
begin the day in nature’s aquatic embrace
& ripple your goodness into the world

Do you know this tradition? It began for me when I was a wee lass, aged 10-12, visiting a cottage in Muskoka. I had to jump into the lake before I could do anything else – including eat breakfast! At the time, it was infuriating…but also completely invigorating. Thank you to Charis for reminding me of this fine tradition this summer…and to Miller for being my Great Canadian Challenge partner on this fine summer vacation. Have you taken the challenge yet this summer?

2 thoughts on “Poem 238 – The Great Canadian Challenge

  1. Thanks Vanessa for spreading the word about the Great Canadian Challenge. I know a lot of people like to do this, but I must humbly take credit for calling it the Great Canadian Challenge. When I made that up I was at a cottage in Ontario and jumping in the lake every morning. best feeling ever! I decided that you weren’t really a good Canadian unless you could do that. Maybe it should be added to the citizenship test??? lots of fun.


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