On Writing

Poem 240 & 241 – Well, It Happened & Early Morning on the 401

Well, It Happened…

After a pretty sound sleep & rising before the sun,
it hits me like a dropped book on the hardwood floor –
I forgot to write a poem yesterday!
And I blame Harry, Hagrid, Hermione & Hogwarts.
I blame the big comfy chair, buttery popcorn, sleepy time tea
& polka dot jammies.
After 239 poems written
240 slipped into the ease of a pool-floating full day
tucked into a philosopher’s stone story.

Early Morning on the 401

windmills like alien beacons
twirl giant arms
move air
make energy
mark the horizon
socially distanced sentinels
holding steady vigil as morning fog
blankets lift & hover above
cornstalk soy & tree fences
edges like frayed fingertips
the land is fertile
laboured & loved
the sun watches groggy & grateful
her yawn large
her shoulders rubbing the soft blue
sofa sky
this flat tapestry is woven
by gods who understood
that beauty bleeds in green

It happened. I forgot to write and post a poem yesterday! Can you believe it? After 239 days…I remembered in the morning, but I didn’t write. I remembered in the afternoon, but I didn’t write. I remembered after dinner, but I didn’t write. Then after dishes and discussion about what movie we’d watch, we settled in for a big screen showing of Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone. We just got this huge new chair for our living room. It’s big enough for two people, and Miller and I snuggled right up in it…after all the remembering, in the end I forgot to write a poem, and went to bed with not a worry on my mind…So there you have it. That’s how it happened. It won’t happen again. I promise!

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