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Poem 254 – Give This To Her

Give This to Her

Oh Dawn Sun!
I plead!
Forget the trees & oceans
Leave the bees & flowers
As you gather your light
Like skirts on hips of horizons
Glare all your power into
The dull scythe of Death’s horror dark

Give the arms of this day to her miracle
Embrace her fighting soul knotted in the
Devastated landscape of her war-torn body

Lift her life into brilliance once again – painless & pure!

One thought on “Poem 254 – Give This To Her

  1. Can’t stop reading this poem – I love it! She’s still hanging on. A slight increase in BP and a lowering of her fever…hoping she turned that corner between life & heaven. She just can’t go, V!!

    Thank you, dear friend, for being part of this journey. We’ll celebrate🙏👍

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