On Writing

Poem 269 – Self Portrait On A Walk Beside the Sunrise, St. Marys, ON

Self-Portrait On A Walk Beside The Sunrise

skin tightens pulled awake by the strings
of dew-dazzling wind wisps
cheeks puff like mallard’s feathered
throats – green-deep-startled

leaves cling to stones in swerving-water
brooks – my worries lifting lusty to join the vitality
movement forward on slippery wood & thoughts
imprinting on thick-tufted grass centuries woven
into the earth

this silence geese-gaggle-broken the perfect
reflection of my blood song

I let the words go because that is what
the morning sun requires of me

& the moon – waning wise taps my shoulder
with her smile
this blue-sky portrait of beginning – a self
to re-remember

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