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Poem 275 – Hun Usage & Culture Day Fun

Hun Usage

when she calls me hun
it’s with a years-of-dedicated-cigarettes-and-booze rasp
that lands on me like an oversized hoodie

but when she calls me hun
my bones curl and my brows fidget
her voice is three rooms full of itself

huns feel okay
huns feel not okay
huns from a peer feel weird, sometimes

the full honey, however, gets its own poem
you wanna write it, honey?

Culture Change: Interchange Response!

Click HERE to engage with visual art and writing meant to get your response for this fun and interactive Culture Days event (there’s a poem involved by yours truly!)!

2 thoughts on “Poem 275 – Hun Usage & Culture Day Fun

  1. Figures of speech, plays on words, metaphors, this poem has it all. And emotion. Where do you get it, V? Thanks for the long email.   I have to wrench out the words, yours seem to flow naturally, tho possibly you toil as I do. Or not. M


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