On Writing

Poem 293 – Curious Incident with the Mirror Last Night

Curious Incident with the Mirror Last Night

I like the way I look when I’m wearing a tank top & I’m sitting on the edge of the single bed in front of the mirror & I put my hands behind my head
the way my armpit hair stands up & yells I’m so long & lush & curly I am feminist coverage black & bold & beautiful
how my bicep pulls tight a muscle ball rolling & kissing the thimble tattoo inked in memory of my dead grandmother & tree roots splay out of my wrist pulling down love as it rubs my ear lobe
this body in black tank breasts weeping sweat white hair in slow age brown eyes under glasses cheating sight & tired neck stretched under chin jutted out jaw in tense words hidden under my tongue
The whole thing is curious because the mirror & I are not friends because my brown eyes even at their most cheated & tired see me enlarged swollen & too much of everything somehow
I like the way certain parts look & the strength I see but have a hard time feeling

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