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Poem 294 – Ghosts Among Us

Ghosts Among Us
after ‘Ghost Cat’ by Molly Peacock

Ghosts among us will show themselves
bulge a curtain
drop a tea cup
bang a portrait to the floor

Turn a blue sky to maddening grey –
why wouldn’t they?

Gift glimpses to remind us of our mortality
to shake the space between the living and the dead
the silky divider of here and beyond
is meant to be breached

A light flicker
A timid knock
A black spot on the edge of your vision

Ghosts among us will show themselves…
Oh! How Love persists!

*This poem was inspired by a writing prompt during this morning’s Yin Writing, whereby I read the poem ‘Ghost Cat’ by Molly Peacock in her collection ‘The Second Blush.’

One thought on “Poem 294 – Ghosts Among Us

  1. Wow Vanessa,

    I really like this! Ghosts do “ show themselves” in various ways.

    Sometimes my Irish sister-in-law says: “ Your mother is around”.

    And, maybe she is!

    You’re right about “love”.

    Mary Ann



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