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Poem 301 – Heat (book titles)

Heat (book titles)

My Body The Furnace
Under My Breasts, A Brook
The Mother Zone – Furnace of Life
The Unfurling Rose – A Heated Fantasy
Temperature Rising – Stepping into the Heat Wave
Heat Source, The Reckoning
Soaking From Source
Swollen Measures: A Heated Mystery
Drip Zone, Drip Tides w/ Veronica Heat, Detective
Chemistry Fires – Understanding the Celebrity Crush
Inter-sweat-tional – Examining Heat Connections in the Body

*This was a poem created in this morning’s Yin Writing session wherein we did three minute writes on single words. One of the words was ‘heat’. Thank you to the early-risers who joined me! Gosh – it’s an early call but we did it and wrote together! I will be continuing to offer Yin Writing every Thursday morning from 6am-6:30am via zoom into November.

2 thoughts on “Poem 301 – Heat (book titles)

  1. Vanessa, what program do you use to create the more visual forms of your poems at the bottom of each post? Would you call it a poem synopsis? I do similar things to post on FB and Twitter. I use Photoshop but it’s tedious work and I often have a problem making the type just the right size for readability, without being too clunky looking. thanks, M

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  2. Heat- wonderful Vanessa! Each woman will interpret this poem in her own way! We women are indeed unique! We “ live through so many cycles “ foreign to men!

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