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Poem 320 – Meet Me – An Ode to Holiday Hims

Meet me – An Ode To Holiday Hims

in St. Louis, Seattle, LA, Manhattan or England – I’ll fly around the globe for this:
fill my dance card with names

George Bailey
Bob Wallace
Phil Davis
Clark Griswald
Everett Stone
Chris (The Transvestite)
John McClane
Edward Scissorhands (carefully)
Joe Fox/Sam Baldwin (two birds, one dance)
Jack Frost
Mr. Grinch (after his heart grew three sizes larger)

Rudolph, Charlie, Buddy, Scrooge, Kermit and Frosty too

I’d do a jig with Ralphie and Kevin….
and though the last dance
belongs to Theodore Laurence
my heart belongs to March
Jo March

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