On Writing

Poem 329 – On Pseudonyms

On Pseudonyms

I’m thinking about it
putting letters together
waiting for the perfect sounds
to describe the writer in me
who wants to stay hidden

the words they write
atrocious – attracted
to white space with
the precision of a
premeditating killer

I’m thinking about it
rolling sounds on my
tongue touching the
stories that belong
under someone’s name


Tuesday evening at 7pm EST (8pm ATL) I will be reading poetry with the great Margo Wheaton! Margo and I have been sharing our love and passion for poetry for years, and are just screeching with excitement to share our poetry with you! We will be reading poems from a gamut of our poetry, all with ‘family’ at their essence. I’ll be reaching back into ‘I Am That Woman’ and ‘Look At Her’, dipping into ‘thimbles’, and shaking out some poems-of-the-day – you don’t want to miss it!

To get the zoom link and join us, please email me ahead of time at shieldsvanessa@gmail.com. To keep the link safe, we’re only sending it to folks who let us know they want it! That’s YOU, right?

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