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Prompt 5 – Misery by Stephen King & Yin Link

Book: Misery
Author: Stephen King
Page five, line five
Genre: Horror
Book chosen by Miller

“Blew down on it like the dank suck of wind which follows a fast subway train, pulling sheets of newspaper and candy-wrappers after it, and the lips were withdrawn, and he thought For Christ’s sake don’t let any of it out through your nose but he couldn’t help it and oh that stink, that fucking STINK.”

Lukaz kept his body still as the Litosis straddled him, spit shining over its jagged teeth, tongue flicking in anticipation. This was the only way to get the Treatment, and he was long overdue for an Intake. He felt his pho soup streaming back up his esophagus, hot and spicy, but he couldn’t let the vomit rise or the Litosis would know. He’d forgotten how disgusting the breath was, its suffocating stench unearthly, ungodly, unfathomably death-driven. The irony is too easy, Lukaz thought. He swallowed, forcing back his dinner, as slowly, as subtly as he could. It was working.

The Litosis used its bony claws to pry open Lukaz’s mouth even wider. Its eyeballs rolled to their darkest shades, stopping to lock with Lukaz’ beer-bottle browns.

This was it. The mouth widening. The eye lock. The next step was the Intake. All Lukaz had to do was stay still, not blink, not barf and take in the breath of the Litosis for a Treatment that would tack an extra ten years on his lifespan.

“Over there!” A rough-edged voice called somewhere to the left of Lukaz.

No! Lukaz screamed in his head.
The Litosis twitched, but didn’t break eye contact. The blacks of its eyes shone deep into Lukaz’. Distractions were life-altering and the Litosis was easily distracted.
I can’t let Lily down, Lukaz thought.

“Hey, shut your eyes! You’re under arrest!” The throaty voice yelled out.

The Litosis inhaled, emitting a high-pitch whistle sound. The sweet sound of life extension preparing to express.
There were rules. And Lukaz knew he had to break the most important one in order to make this Treatment complete.
As he felt the slobbering lips of the Litosis connect with his, the sound of the Colt Army revolver cocking echoed off the hallway walls.
For Lily, he told himself

*I had to do a bit of research outside of the fifteen minute timer to find out the sound a gun actually makes. Turns out the sound we hear in the movies of guns being cocked dates back to the 1950s, specifically in a Colt Army Revolver (otherwise, guns don’t make sounds when before the trigger is pulled in most guns! #trickymovies #folly #fun). So, I added this specific detail in.

Also, the Litosis are not real.

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2 thoughts on “Prompt 5 – Misery by Stephen King & Yin Link

  1. eeek! this is fascinating and horrible… what happens next Vanessa??? don’t leave us hanging… the Litosis… oh no!

    Charis xoxo Charis Cotter https://www.chariscotter.com/

    *The Dollhouse: A Ghost Story* “A twisty tale … a time-traveling mystery that will keep readers involved and guessing up to the very end.” — Kirkus Reviews

    On Wed, 5 Jan 2022 at 20:24, VANESSA SHIELDS, writer wrote:

    > Vanessa Shields posted: ” Book: MiseryAuthor: Stephen KingPage five, line > fiveGenre: HorrorBook chosen by Miller “Blew down on it like the dank suck > of wind which follows a fast subway train, pulling sheets of newspaper and > candy-wrappers after it, and the lips were withdr” >


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