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Prompt 14 – Curious George Storybook Collection

Book: Curious George Storybook Collection
Author: Margret and H.A. Rey
Genre: kids picture book
Page: 14
*There weren’t 14 lines on the page! So, my son Jett, who chose the book, also chose the line.

Lucky for you we have a delivery service!”

Lucky lucky! How lucky am I?
If I need something, there’s a delivery guy

Who’ll hop on a bike or scoot in car
He’ll come from near, he’ll come from far

Or maybe it’s a gal who’ll deliver the things
The books, the meatballs, the diamond rings

This delivery service is utterly fast
Faster than others I’ve used in the past

Their boxes are built to withstand the weather
For things that are heavy or light as a feather

It surely doesn’t matter what’s inside
It arrives in one piece, delivered with pride

And guess what else arrives at my door?
Why a gargantuan smile, each time, for sure!

This is why there’s a stash that I keep
Of ten dollar bills gathered in a heap

So when the delivery human arrives
I give them a tenner and some giddy high fives!

Lucky lucky! How lucky are we?
We live in a time with delivery!

Delivery Services began in the [insert historical date]. For [centuries?], delivery services has built a necessary experience of not only convenience and pleasure, but availability of things that…
Oh, blah, blah, blah. My brain is heated up Chinese food…sizzling. How many more minutes left?! I’m tired…so tired…five, four, three, two, one…

*note to self…don’t let this writing prompt be the last thing you write! oof. ack. yikes. zzzzzzzzzz

One thought on “Prompt 14 – Curious George Storybook Collection

  1. hahahahaha!! So FUN! I LOVED every word Vanessa. Rhyming is such a pleasure to speak out loud!
    I am grateful for delivery too. One time we even had booze delivered! That was in Toronto though.


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