On Writing

Prompt 16 – Batman The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

Book: Batman The Dark Knight Returns
Author: Frank Miller
Genre: comic book/noir

Prompt chosen by my son, Jett (mega Frank Miller fan).

“Here’s Dave with some good news, Dave?”

“Thanks, Bob. I’m here on the scene outside of Windsor’s own Rose Palace, where the Rose Queen is scheduled to make her first appearance since her inauguration two nights ago. As we all know, and were shown live from WKBD ‘News This Minute’ live-action team, the Rose Queen’s gown caught on a loose nail in the 100-year-old staircase (no insurance claims have been made, so far), and down.she.fell, before her veil was lifted and the startled yet excited crowd had a chance to see her face. This is a first for Windsor’s Rose Queen – as per Rose Queen guidelines, those in the running are not allowed to give their identities until the post-inauguration reveal.”

“We do know the names of the top three women to take on Windsor’s most important superhero role, isn’t that correct Bob?”

“Yes, Dave, we did. They are Greta ‘Green’ Brewster, Hero of Green Growth: Money Gardens Galore; Hilda ‘Halo’ Humphries, Hero of Angelic Wings on Humans; and the dark horse of the triplets, Drezzy ‘Dreamland’ Drummond, Hero of Dark Dusts. Now, Bob, each incredible woman brings to the table her own unique superpowers, but none of them are without their…shall we say…friction, Dave?”

“Mmm, we shall say friction. It’s the truth, as always here on WKBD ‘News This Minute’, superhero abilities have definitely shifted over time. It’s been decades since the Marvel and DC superheroes have flown, sped, and fired up our lives. Since the Great Superhero Demise, regular folks like you and I have had to search within to recognize and cultivate our own superhero strengths.”

“That’s correct, Bob. Most of us find it a feat to get up and go to work, but these three ordinary women, found the extra-ordinary within themselves and honed their unique skills that

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