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#NPM22 – The Intimacy of a Haircut & The Intimacy of Wisdom

The Intimacy of Getting a Haircut

A body
Another body
Proximity pulse

Fingers on scalp
Warm water drip slipping behind an ear
The towel dry rough & awakening
Scalp on alert

The sound of hair being cut
The line of it the slice

The ultimate trust
Breasts on back
Chin down

The bearable lightness of being

The Intimacy of Wisdom

inner Knowing
in tandem with the soul
that strengthens over the timing
of lived experiences
Love’s purest expression
in the body

wisdom cultivates at all ages
begins at birth
stretches into death

fickle fresh flailing
falling to knees, bloodied
skin screaming or
tongue on tongue

silence under a willow tree



An outdoor poetry reading taking place on April 22nd 2022 from 6:30-8:30pm in Lanspeary Park! 
The poetry reading will feature Eli Tareq El Bechelany, Nick Hildenbrand, Jovan Stefanov, and Kate Hargreaves who will be reading some poems from their recent collections! The event will also include music from Madeline Doornaert and Flower Face! 

Thimbles ‘Live’ Reading! Saturday, April 23!

Join me for the first live reading of ‘thimbles’! Rehearsals are underway – it’s gonna be an exciting reading. Plus, eat a fancy meal before and stay for a q&a and book sales and signing.

Please call: 519-945-1863 ext. 3. If you have to leave a message, please do so, and Matt will call you back.

Location: Windsor Yacht Club

Time: 11:45am doors open, then lunch, then reading, then q&a, book sales/signing.

Black Moss Press Fish & Fiction – Wednesday, April 27th, 7pm

Readings, q&a and book sales and signing for local authors Peter Hrastovec, Andre Narbonne, hosted by Marty Gervais. *This is a free event. Cash bar though. :)*

Location: The Windsor Club, 2072 Riverside Dr. E

Eventbrite ticket registration here. CLICK HERE FOR TICKET LINK.


MAY 6-8, 2022 – Neighbourhoods across Windsor!

What a special way to celebrate our great city and MOTHER’S DAY! (Sneak peek: this year will include sunset walks, professional wrestling, puzzles, and more!)

For more info, CLICK HERE.

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