642 in 20 # 5

That day in Paris. photo credit:vanessa shields That day in Paris, I was alone. The others went where they went. I pretended to know where I was going, found a subway station, and headed to Le Select, a cafe that Hemingway wrote in. I wanted to write in the same place that he wrote. I … Continue reading 642 in 20 # 5


642 in 20 – #4 – With Vlog!

For all the dads in the house. Here's a song for you. *Please note* Some lyrics are explicit. Write a song. Ode to Dads it's not like it's easy at the office every day pacing floors throwing darts keeping clients a-okay living a dream that was born before our now when freedom was a gift not … Continue reading 642 in 20 – #4 – With Vlog!