The Living In & The Holding

You know when you start thinking about a new idea and little gifts...magical moments...signs...start showing up like snowflakes made just for you? Whether this new idea has to do with a writing project or a dream, things begin to show up in ways that keep the idea or dream cultivating. That's been happening to me. … Continue reading The Living In & The Holding


Something Always Comes Up

I have a list of things I want to be working on. I write this list out on a piece of paper. I also have a running list of things in my head of things I want to be doing. Reading and writing are ALWAYS ON ALL THE LISTS. I think I'm a pretty disciplined writer and … Continue reading Something Always Comes Up

Gobble Gobble Grateful

I'm feeling inspired and grateful. Grateful that I'm feeling inspired. The hubby and I had a date to the movies this afternoon. We watched 'A Star Is Born' - the remake written, directed and starring Bradley Cooper, and featuring Lady Gaga and Sam Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Andrew Dice Clay, and loads of other incredible actors. … Continue reading Gobble Gobble Grateful

Events Galore! This week and next! #localrules

Holy fish, Batman - this city is just exploding with incredible events! Here's a mish-mash of events, submissions, cool places and things to do! There are always loads of great events happening at Biblioasis. Next up: Book launch for Emilia Danielewska - Paper Caskets. Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 7pm-9pm @ Biblioasis. Stay connected HERE. … Continue reading Events Galore! This week and next! #localrules

Gertrude’s Writing Room – Fall Workshops Announced & An Update

Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well. Have you had to dig out your socks and sweaters and scarves yet? I'll admit I have socks on right now! Sheesh. And, I wore boots today! Ack! Fall is definitely here. Acceptance is pending. If you need a hug to warm the chill...Come on by! I've … Continue reading Gertrude’s Writing Room – Fall Workshops Announced & An Update

Fall Into Events!

Hi friends! Happy September! Happy Back-to-School! Happy hot as ball* weather! Fall's a comin'...and I'm ready for it. I've already started watching some of my favourite fall films: The Goonies, Julie & Julia...Nostalgia for pretty much everything school related from my childhood runs thick. You too? I bought two packs of Crayola markers. I had … Continue reading Fall Into Events!