Incredible News!

Friends. I have incredible news. My new poetry manuscript has been accepted for publication by Palimpsest Press. I am OVER. THE. MOON! It is an honour to be a part of the Palimpsest Press family. I will do my best to be an outstanding family member! My book, currently titled, thimble, will be published in … Continue reading Incredible News!


Gobble Gobble Grateful

I'm feeling inspired and grateful. Grateful that I'm feeling inspired. The hubby and I had a date to the movies this afternoon. We watched 'A Star Is Born' - the remake written, directed and starring Bradley Cooper, and featuring Lady Gaga and Sam Elliot, Anthony Ramos, Andrew Dice Clay, and loads of other incredible actors. … Continue reading Gobble Gobble Grateful

Over at Bethany Reid’s Blog Today!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by the lovely Bethany Reid! Earlier this summer, I interviewed Bethany - and she has graciously returned the gift! Please visit (and subscribe to!) her blog here: CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW! Bethany asked me superb questions that had me thinking deeply and … Continue reading Over at Bethany Reid’s Blog Today!

Hello, I’ve missed you!

My dearests! It’s been so long! My apologies! Do let me catch you up on this lovely, fat-with-fun-and-love summer that I’m having. Nope, I can’t believe it’s mid-August either. What can we do but fill each day to its fullest – even if the filling is lying on the sofa or sitting in a beach … Continue reading Hello, I’ve missed you!

Canadian Writers’ Summit 2018 – Feminist Caucus Power Panel and More!

The bi-annual Canadian Writers' Summit is upon us once again! This upcoming weekend - from Thursday, June 14 until Sunday, June 17, 2018, writers and their leagues, organizations, groups and more will gather at Toronto's Harbourfront and share words over panels, readings, annual general meetings, meals, awards and key note speeches. To give you a … Continue reading Canadian Writers’ Summit 2018 – Feminist Caucus Power Panel and More!

#NPM2018 – Final days: blogs, events and more!

The final days of National Poetry Month are upon us! I hope that you've taken some time this month to read poetry, write poetry, share poetry! And, of course, that this becomes a habit and National Poetry Month becomes National Poetry Forever! There are some local poetry events happening over the next few weeks, I'd … Continue reading #NPM2018 – Final days: blogs, events and more!