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Two Poems #morningcoffeesessions

Anti-Ode to Allergies Inspired by 'Ode to Common Things' by Pablo Neruda The infinitely small play leap frog in my nose resulting in a land of itch Two pinky moist nostrils landing strips for pesky pollen I cannot see or smell The so soft softness of dandelion fluff flutters about on tangents of adventures on… Continue reading Two Poems #morningcoffeesessions

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Videos & Lives! Creativity Abounds!

Here is a smattering of events and videos for your perusal. Some are time-sensitive. Tomorrow, Friday, June 12 is the last day to vote for awards for Windsor's first Youth Short Film Festival (Thank you Gemma and the City of Windsor ACHF grant!) filmmakers! The voting link is right underneath the video in the text… Continue reading Videos & Lives! Creativity Abounds!

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For me, this has been a time of…#morningcoffeesessions

living things for me this has been a time of gentle consistent denial desperate powerful pushing A W A Y of hailstorms each icy ping of virus-fact rain smacking tender parts of me the side of my neck the under of my armpit the dimples above my bum cold awakenings jolt my emotions into hyperdrive… Continue reading For me, this has been a time of…#morningcoffeesessions