Why This Week It Was Twice

Twice this week I cried because I wanted to give up. Give up Gertrude's. Give up writing poetry. Give up on believing 'I got this' - where this is everything from domestic house chores to parenting to friendship. We had a very scary emergency with our dogs on Friday. We're still taking them to the … Continue reading Why This Week It Was Twice


Over at Bethany Reid’s Blog Today!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by the lovely Bethany Reid! Earlier this summer, I interviewed Bethany - and she has graciously returned the gift! Please visit (and subscribe to!) her blog here: CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW! Bethany asked me superb questions that had me thinking deeply and … Continue reading Over at Bethany Reid’s Blog Today!

Hello, I’ve missed you!

My dearests! It’s been so long! My apologies! Do let me catch you up on this lovely, fat-with-fun-and-love summer that I’m having. Nope, I can’t believe it’s mid-August either. What can we do but fill each day to its fullest – even if the filling is lying on the sofa or sitting in a beach … Continue reading Hello, I’ve missed you!

Upcoming local events! Readings & Submissions!

Tuesdays & Thursdays Biblioasis Bookstore is offering story time readings every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm! This excellent offering kicked off at the of July and is going strong. Click HERE for more information. Amherstburg's Uncommon Festival - Aug. 4, 5, 6 Love steampunk? Wanna see magic and dress up like a wizard? Then this … Continue reading Upcoming local events! Readings & Submissions!

Grand Opening of Gertrude’s Writing Room – Pics and More!

We had a wonderful, busy, exciting grand opening at 628 Monmouth this past weekend to celebrate RW Studios, AmlinDesign and Gertrude's Writing Room officially opening our doors! It's a great honour to be sharing such a beautifully creative space with Greg and Mary Lou! To find out more about RW Studios - click here! To … Continue reading Grand Opening of Gertrude’s Writing Room – Pics and More!

Grand Opening – Gertrude’s Writing Room – Secret Revealed!

    It's happening, friends. It's really happening! #dreamscometrue This is my big secret revealed!  I'm opening a creative writing school called Gertrude's Writing Room.  Here's the website: http://www.gertrudeswritingroom.com SQUEEEEEEEE! This is what I've been working on all year. Surprise! Can't wait to play and learn and write with you!