the dustings – a poem about dreams

Submitted by Vanessa Shields Submitted to the dustings by Vanessa Shields the wind shows herself by leaning her shoulder on purple coneflower petals they receive her caress push deeper into earth spread roots like stories and so dreams lean into the soft shy underparts of our arms – a vulnerable garden made of skin… Continue reading the dustings – a poem about dreams

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Poem for a Contest & The Contest!

A blog reader sent me a link to a poetry contest he's having...deadline is on Tuesday! Because I'm hot to submit these days, I'm trying hard to say yes to entering things that show up in my life! Here's the link, if you'd like to enter too! how to submit: Submitting your great poems… Continue reading Poem for a Contest & The Contest!

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Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh

While my family and I were in New York City in January, we visited Washington Square Park. It's a hot-spot for creatives, often the gathering place for buskers, musicians, wild fashion, weddings and serious games of chess. On this particular day, we had the pleasure of meeting poet Marshall James Kavanaugh aka '@DreamPoetForHire'. Marshall is… Continue reading Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh

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Refine…and Enough-ness

March second today. Holy balls. I woke up and immediately started to hiccup. Like, deep-lift-your-whole-diaphragm-up kinda hiccups. Not sure what that means...except that maybe I need to remember to breathe more. The hiccups lasted for about fifteen minutes. After I got dressed, tidied my mouth and face, and laid out my work for the day,… Continue reading Refine…and Enough-ness