On Writing

Haikus #morningcoffeesessions

This morning I had a hard time settling into a poem. I did a quick journal to gather my thoughts...and decided on writing a few haikus. I will read your veins As you absorb morning light Leaves are nature’s books Reach for the most light Falling from the blue jay’s beak Mourning dove witness Water… Continue reading Haikus #morningcoffeesessions

Writing Life

Spring chicken #morningcoffeesessions

This morning we welcomed in Spring. The season. The sounds. The animals. The changes...and I couldn't get the words 'spring chicken' out of my head. Despite making lists of sights and sounds around me that are definite indications that spring is here...my brain couldn't let go of 'spring chicken'. Spring Chicken I am no spring… Continue reading Spring chicken #morningcoffeesessions

Poetry · Writing Life

For me, this has been a time of…#morningcoffeesessions

living things for me this has been a time of gentle consistent denial desperate powerful pushing A W A Y of hailstorms each icy ping of virus-fact rain smacking tender parts of me the side of my neck the under of my armpit the dimples above my bum cold awakenings jolt my emotions into hyperdrive… Continue reading For me, this has been a time of…#morningcoffeesessions

Poetry · Writing Life

Here I Am #morningcoffeesessions Day 5

It's Friday! We made it through another week...well, nearly. I like Fridays because they still feel like Fridays, and after Fridays are Saturdays and Saturdays mean we can sleep in! This is day five of #morningcoffeesessions, and I'm happy to announce these brilliant sessions will continue into next week. If you'd like to join us,… Continue reading Here I Am #morningcoffeesessions Day 5