This Is Why

Sometimes life becomes a world within a world. Someone you love becomes ill and she becomes the centre of your world more powerful than the sun. It feels as though you are 'you' but you are also 'the you who wants to be with the one you love'. You are 'you' but you are also … Continue reading This Is Why



This morning, I sat beside my Nonna and did her nails. They were long. Corrugated like cardboard. Dried blood crusted beneath the curling nail brought horror thoughts to my brain. But I pushed the thoughts away and focused on clipping and filing. Cleaning and massaging. "These hands," I said to her as she silently watched … Continue reading Hands

HEY HEY IT’S MAY – Upcomings!

April was packed like a punski...ponski...poonsky...paczki. You know what I mean! National Poetry Month was amazing - there were so many events and loads and loads of poetry being read and shared. I hope it continues!! A packed month makes the month fly by though! Can you believe it's May? I barely can...and May is … Continue reading HEY HEY IT’S MAY – Upcomings!

#NPM2018 – Final days: blogs, events and more!

The final days of National Poetry Month are upon us! I hope that you've taken some time this month to read poetry, write poetry, share poetry! And, of course, that this becomes a habit and National Poetry Month becomes National Poetry Forever! There are some local poetry events happening over the next few weeks, I'd … Continue reading #NPM2018 – Final days: blogs, events and more!

Small Press Spotlight on AngelHouse/DevilHouse Press – #NPM2018

"Consider me a poetry slut with a lot of lovers in the form of poetic styles. I’m especially hot for poems that break rules." Amanda Earl, AngelHouse/DevilHouse Press publisher, poet National Poetry Month continues! With just under two weeks left, I want to keep the momentum of sharing incredible poets and connecting them to you, … Continue reading Small Press Spotlight on AngelHouse/DevilHouse Press – #NPM2018