Poetry On Demand


Special Holiday Poetry On Demand Offer! 

How about a poem on demand for your holiday greeting cards this season? Be they virtual or otherwise, adding a unique poem to your yuletide greetings will offer an added love bonus to friends and family! Simply send me words you’d like me to use or a few notes on the sentiment you’d like me to create!

Email shieldsvanessa@gmail.com with POD Greetings in the subject line. In your email, give me 4-6 words or the vibe you’d like me to write from. You’ll get a fresh new poem within 24-hours! Cost: $20.00 – with $10.00 going to the local charity of your choice.


What is Poetry On Demand?

Created by Vanessa Shields (me), Poetry On Demand is live poetry making for the masses. It combines word associations from YOU and the creative mind of the POET on demand (Vanessa Shields or any other poet who’s working with her). In less than ten minutes you get YOUR VERY OWN POEM made especially with and for YOU. The poem is made with your help as you will choose three words from a basket, make associations to these words, then leave the rest in the capable, inspired hands of the poet. You will receive the hand-written, signed and dated poem to keep forever and ever. This is a revolution in the world of poetry – brought to you in a fun, accessible, creative way.

How does Poetry On Demand work? It’s simple.

  • I offer you a basket of words. (I choose the words that go in the basket, and I can cater them to your event/theme. It’s easy.)
  • You choose three words randomly, without looking. (Magic happens here, so don’t be alarmed if the words you pick are deeply connected to your life.)
  • For each word, you think of another. Example: you choose HEAT. Then I say: What do you think of when I say the word HEAT? And you say: SUN. Or LOVE. Or SNUGGLING. Or PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Honestly, any old word will do.
  • When we’re done our INTERACTIVE WORD CHOOSING AND ASSOCIATION, I have six (6) words that I have to use in a poem THAT I WRITE IN 3 – 5 MINUTES. Wait, what?Yeah. I wrote that. I write you a poem using words that YOU just gave me. And I do it in less time it takes you to…um…pee or get a snack.
  • Since I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve collected quite a few poems on demand. In fact, I’ve self-published FOUR VOLUMES OF THEM.
  • I promise you’ll change your tune about poetry…unless it’s already along the lines of ‘I LOOOOOVVVVEEE ITTTTT!’.
  • Let’s let poetry live in our lives like our favourite foods. Words are ingredients. Let poetry be your meal. And the poet is your chef.

Reader Review!

“A truly delightful collection of poetic sketches. Many imaginative phrases are original, eye-catching, and pleasing. I really marvel at how anyone can be so limited by process, and yet so quickly, and apparently easily, produce a poem under customer-waiting pressure.”  Dave Terry

Listen up to my doing live Poetry On Demand on CBC Radio with CBC Windsor Morning host Tony Doucette! Vanessa does Poetry On Demand on the radio!

If you would like to hire me for an event, I can easily create words for Poetry On Demand to suit your event. Ex. If you’d like me to write love poems at your wedding, I can certainly do so.

Poetry on Demand is now on Facebook! Contact me via Facebook and I will write you a poem there!

Poetry on Demand on Facebook

Please email me for scheduling and cost information OR if you would like to purchase Poetry On Demand chapbooks, contact me shieldsvanessa@gmail.com


Poetry On Demand Vol. 1 – Featuring poetry by Vanessa Shields and Robert Earl Stewart

$10.00 no taxes

ISBN: 978-0-981256-90-0


Poetry On Demand Vol. 2 – Featuring award-winning poet Karen Rockwell

$10.00 no taxes

ISBN: 978-0-981256-91-7


Poetry on Demand Vol. 3

$10.00 no taxes

ISBN: 9780981256924


Poetry On Demand – Tall Ships Edition

$10.00 no taxes



Poetry On Demand – The Chimczuk Museum Edition

$10.00 no taxes

ISBN: 9780981256948

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