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Family Day Writing Fun! w/ LCP

Happy Family Day Weekend!  I've written a blog for the League of Canadian Poets with some fun writing ideas for you and your family to try on the upcoming holiday! Or any day...for that matter! Enjoy! WRITING PROMPTS - The Writing Parent Blog SENDING LOVE FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS! 

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Holiday Time (Almost)

So this is what I've been up to: buying and wrapping gifts writing and sending holiday cards helping the kids with school work/home work reading poetry Our dining room table is Grand Central Station. What's hilarious is the heave-it-off-to-eat-then-put-it-all-back-on habit that we've all grown accustomed to each time we eat dinner. Oh, you do that… Continue reading Holiday Time (Almost)

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Bedtime Stories – A Shields’ Family Ritual (With Book List Gift Guide!)

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! EVERYWHERE BOOKS - EVERYWHERE STORIES! Especially at bedtime.. Reading at bedtime is a ritual that's been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Books were a massive part of my youth, and I know, have shaped much of who I am as a human being. We didn't have… Continue reading Bedtime Stories – A Shields’ Family Ritual (With Book List Gift Guide!)