The Living In & The Holding

You know when you start thinking about a new idea and little gifts...magical moments...signs...start showing up like snowflakes made just for you? Whether this new idea has to do with a writing project or a dream, things begin to show up in ways that keep the idea or dream cultivating. That's been happening to me. … Continue reading The Living In & The Holding


Marathon of Muchness

I started subscribing to a 'word of the day' email. It's been interesting to see the words each day. Particularly when the word matches perfectly with what's happening in my life. Don't you love when things like that happen? MARATHON came in this week. That's about right; especially the second meaning: "something (such as an … Continue reading Marathon of Muchness

Gertrude’s Writing Room – Fall Workshops Announced & An Update

Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well. Have you had to dig out your socks and sweaters and scarves yet? I'll admit I have socks on right now! Sheesh. And, I wore boots today! Ack! Fall is definitely here. Acceptance is pending. If you need a hug to warm the chill...Come on by! I've … Continue reading Gertrude’s Writing Room – Fall Workshops Announced & An Update

Hello, I’ve missed you!

My dearests! It’s been so long! My apologies! Do let me catch you up on this lovely, fat-with-fun-and-love summer that I’m having. Nope, I can’t believe it’s mid-August either. What can we do but fill each day to its fullest – even if the filling is lying on the sofa or sitting in a beach … Continue reading Hello, I’ve missed you!

Grand Opening of Gertrude’s Writing Room – Pics and More!

We had a wonderful, busy, exciting grand opening at 628 Monmouth this past weekend to celebrate RW Studios, AmlinDesign and Gertrude's Writing Room officially opening our doors! It's a great honour to be sharing such a beautifully creative space with Greg and Mary Lou! To find out more about RW Studios - click here! To … Continue reading Grand Opening of Gertrude’s Writing Room – Pics and More!

Grand Opening – Gertrude’s Writing Room – Secret Revealed!

    It's happening, friends. It's really happening! #dreamscometrue This is my big secret revealed!  I'm opening a creative writing school called Gertrude's Writing Room.  Here's the website: SQUEEEEEEEE! This is what I've been working on all year. Surprise! Can't wait to play and learn and write with you!