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Poem 341-Octopus & Gertrude’s Writing Room Open House #shoplocal


Today I Am Octopus
Blue-blooded Water Alien
Gliding Across Ground Above & Below

Such Suction-Heavy Solitary Living Is
Soul Saturation Under The Influence
Of Moon & Her Feisty Phases I

Do Not Digress Rather Spread My
Tenacious Tentacles & Embrace The
Current Of My Ink-Brimming Brain

Today I Am Octopus
I Do Not Wait For Dreams
When I Can Hold 8 At A Time
On My Body Love Them In A
Trifecta Of Abundant Beatings

This Alien Creature-ing Is Immortal
Like Poetry


Come and visit Gertrude’s Writing Room for a literary shopping experience like no other ! We’re offering 15% off ALL ITEMS! And, there will be free cookies from the Riverside Pie Cafe. Oof – so yummy!

WED. DEC. 8 – 6:30PM – 8:30PM

SUN. DEC. 12 – 11:00AM – 2PM

We accept cash, debit, credit, and e-transfer. Please wear masks and respect social distancing rules. Thank you!

For the literary love in your life – you included – come on by and #shoplocal! Local art, local books, local lovin’!

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