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Ketchup – photos, thanks, keynote speech and more

This post proves how busy it's been in my world! I started it on February 10th! Too funny! It's what, June 12!...I can't believe it, but here it is. As least the sun is shining. I am bikini-clad, sitting at our table outside on our deck...I'm keeping an eye on the pool as my boob… Continue reading Ketchup – photos, thanks, keynote speech and more

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The Secret

Sometimes I feel stupid. I feel inadequate. I feel like there’s something really wrong with me. I can’t always chalk it up to over-active-pre-menstrual hormones or a bad day. Sometimes I really feel deeply like I just don’t get ‘it’. I’m a writer. So I write. This part has always come naturally to me. I… Continue reading The Secret