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#NPM22 Intimacy – The Intimacy of Falling Asleep in an Airport

The Intimacy of Falling Asleep in an Airport

Such decadent trust
eyes closed
body limp
a foot wrapped in a purse strap
then tucked under a seat
suitcase rolled under knees
Silence glides into ears
rests in exhaustion’s bed

But the world concerts life in the round
a child cries for an ipad
teens giggle at images on instagram
the tired attendant calls for a missing
passenger as your dreams take the white
runway lines and turn them into wings

Others stare at you –
passing thoughts criminal or envious
but you are left alone

When your body trembles open
a fast sweat
a tumbling heart beat
helps panic urge you to remember
Where you’re at
What you’re doing
Who you are

Purse strap still wrapped around foot
suitcase still a table for your knees
money in wallet
ticket in pocket
destination possible

These trusts we agree to –

Love Lorna? Lorna Crozier, that is!

Lorna & Margaret & David will be in town!

This is the Pelee Island Bird Observatory annual gala fundraiser. Each year, Margaret Atwood invites a Canadian writer to be the feature reader at the event, and this year it is poet Lorna Crozier. Also in attendance is a birder – and this year’s guest is David Lindo. There’s also a live auction, I believe, hosted by Windsor’s own Peter Hrastovec! It’s a fine meal! A fine reading! A fine event!

To order a ticket(s): CLICK HERE

Mariette and I will be there!

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