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Dear Universe

Dear Universe, I need your help. See, I've been carrying the world on my shoulders and the people I love in my arms and I just can't seem to move anymore. I was wondering if you could hold the Earth for me. Take her in your arms and tell her that everything's going to be… Continue reading Dear Universe

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Brush with an Agent – Part II

In my post Brush with an Agent Part I, I began sharing my 'Trying to get an Agent' journey with you.  I left you hanging on the cliff of 'what did the agent say' - for too long! I apologize! I hope your fingers aren't bloody and breaking...! I have to tell you that waiting… Continue reading Brush with an Agent – Part II

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NYC – Day 4 – A Photo Essay (‘Cause the words aren’t here yet)

What I can manage for you at this point in time is a collection of photos I took today while walking to the conference via 5th Avenue, and then walking around in Greenwich Village before dinner. My brain is sizzling from all that I've learned from the Backspace Writers Conference. I need some time to… Continue reading NYC – Day 4 – A Photo Essay (‘Cause the words aren’t here yet)