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Instant Poetry #NPM2020

Did you see the beautiful morning light? It came in like a hug from the sun, and oh how it lifted my spirit! That was some post yesterday. I hope you're still my friends! I promise the bull has gone back to pasture...away, away, away. Please don't stop sending me things on socials! I am… Continue reading Instant Poetry #NPM2020

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Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh

While my family and I were in New York City in January, we visited Washington Square Park. It's a hot-spot for creatives, often the gathering place for buskers, musicians, wild fashion, weddings and serious games of chess. On this particular day, we had the pleasure of meeting poet Marshall James Kavanaugh aka '@DreamPoetForHire'. Marshall is… Continue reading Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh

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This just in – a review of Look At Her

Though it's been some time since Look At Her launched, turns out that folks are still reading, and affected enough to give time and energy to writing and publishing a review! Many thanks to FreeFall Magazine - "FreeFall is a literary magazine based in Calgary, AB.. In 2008 Micheline Maylor and Lynn C. Fraser took… Continue reading This just in – a review of Look At Her

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Guest Writer/Blogger Spotlight Bethany Reid

Connecta-lamadingdong! That's what the world wide web can do! During National Poetry Month my poet friend Dorothy connected me to a great blog by a writer who was reading poetry all.month.long. Her name is Bethany Reid! I did some [uncreepy] creeping of her site and loved what I read. Also, I appreciated her dedication and… Continue reading Guest Writer/Blogger Spotlight Bethany Reid

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#NPM2018 – Final days: blogs, events and more!

The final days of National Poetry Month are upon us! I hope that you've taken some time this month to read poetry, write poetry, share poetry! And, of course, that this becomes a habit and National Poetry Month becomes National Poetry Forever! There are some local poetry events happening over the next few weeks, I'd… Continue reading #NPM2018 – Final days: blogs, events and more!

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NATIONAL POETRY MONTH - CONTEST INFO FOR WORLD RECORD! Commaful, the on-line writer's community I posted about in August 2017, is attempting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the LARGEST POETRY CONTEST IN THE WORLD! They are attempting to beat the current world record for most poems submitted in a contest. Currently, the record amount of submissions… Continue reading BE PART OF A WORLD RECORD FOR NATIONAL POETRY MONTH & more local events!