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Cake #morningcoffeesessions

This morning, I didn't want to get out of bed. But, the Firefly Creative Writing #morningcoffeesessions motivated me to get my a%$ out of bed, get dressed, and get writing. (Nope, didn't brush my teeth. Yet.) This came first: on the edges of my mother's words a different version of her hangs on and then...nothing.… Continue reading Cake #morningcoffeesessions

On Writing

The Field #morningcoffeesessions

The Field the field knows me keeps coming to my mind like the wind’s mouth slightly parted exhaling the delicacies of the past inhaling the electricity of time the field is permanent the mole under my left breast the inflammation in my finger joints let’s recall the land the land that held the field thick… Continue reading The Field #morningcoffeesessions

Poetry · Writing Life

For me, this has been a time of…#morningcoffeesessions

living things for me this has been a time of gentle consistent denial desperate powerful pushing A W A Y of hailstorms each icy ping of virus-fact rain smacking tender parts of me the side of my neck the under of my armpit the dimples above my bum cold awakenings jolt my emotions into hyperdrive… Continue reading For me, this has been a time of…#morningcoffeesessions