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Results and Readings

The results are in! My ta-tas are just fine! All the squeezing and squishing garnered a clean slate for the boobies. Thanks for joining me on the journey...we'll meet again in two years! And my guts? Well, my guts are much better. I've been sleeping more and really focusing on not stressing out about my… Continue reading Results and Readings

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U(lcerative) C(olitis) Me?

*Please note: This blog post will talk about uclerative colitis, a gastrointestinal disease I have. I will be talking graphically about the disease and will include information about my bowel movements (not said so medically!). So, if this kind of thing grosses you out, you may not want to read this. Thanks. (For you CLM.)*… Continue reading U(lcerative) C(olitis) Me?