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Poem 256 – One Thing At A Time & Reminders

One Thing At A Time Hear the alarmSnooze itFinish the bizarre dreamHear the alarm againSit upRub eyesHear the soundtrack fade inThe symphony of wakingThe crackle of electricityThe churn of marrowThe waft of bloodThe moan of muscleAll this and more ledBy multiple conductorsVoices like batonsGuiding lyrics into now Do thisThen thisEven though it feels like moreIt… Continue reading Poem 256 – One Thing At A Time & Reminders

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The Pantoum & Other Poetics

Our reading, writing and crafting poetry workshop at the library last evening was soooooo wonderful and inspiring! Thank you to Dave, Beth, Ellie, Tammy, Jaylynne and Miller for joining us! Dorothy [Mahoney] was a stellar teaching - gifting us with the pantoum - a repetitive formulaic poetry that we followed to write our own poems!… Continue reading The Pantoum & Other Poetics

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Vulnerability and Journal Writing…and TedX info

I'm over at the League of Canadian Poets today, having written about vulnerability on my blog 'The Writing Parent'. In this blog, I open up about my experience on my book tour...and what happened to me. Thank you to the League for continuing to give me the space to blog about being a parent and… Continue reading Vulnerability and Journal Writing…and TedX info