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Yesterday feels like yesterday…but those days feel like last week.

I went to the DH (Dominion House) last night to watch and hear some bands play. The DH has been around since before the dinosaurs, and it had been about that long since I’d been there. I’m aging myself but I’m okay with that because I have aged. I feel like I’m seventeen inside most of the time, but there’s no way my life is not as ‘grown-up’ as it can be. It’s cool. I’m dealin’. 

But I couldn’t help but look around and notice familiar faces and bodies – most just taller, thicker or hairier. It was amazing to me that we all went to see these bands play. The lead singer of the one of the bands was a few years younger than I in high school. I knew who he was but didn’t know him as a friend. Doesn’t matter. He was jammin’ his Cape Breton heart out – and he and the band were great. He comes from an extremely talented family so it didn’t surprise me that he stepped on stage and flaunted his rockstar-ness. It’s in his blood and he took/takes advantage of this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay to hear the whole set nor to see/hear his older brother’s band play after him. But I was there long enough to see and talk to some other folks who I went to high school with. Some of them are still my good friends today…others are ‘Facebook’ friends and acquaintances at best. 

I wonder if I was the only one who felt the thick arms of nostalgia wrapping around me last night? 

In honour of my 17-year old inner self, I’ve taken some photos of my year book the year I graduated from Assumption High School. My grad photo and some pics of me on the ‘Student Council’ pages. I was the Prime Minister of Student Council in my OAC year of high school. Wow. What a trip. 


I’ve circled myself in black. 

No, that’s not a boy. It’s me. With a very short hair cut. 

Those days feel like last week…not yesterday…yesterday feels like yesterday. 

Go Raiders!!

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