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CBC Interview – It happened and I survived

Phew. So that just happened! OMG!!!!

The reality of writing a book and getting it published comes A-TO-THE-LIVE when you get to talk about what you wrote. Lucky me, I wrote about  my boobs and my vagina and my sex life. 

Listening to the interview this evening while sitting at the table with my 80-year-old grandparents is going to be….um….interesting. And I know that Jett is gonna scream and laugh when he hears me say ‘vagina’. 

This is it. It’s happening. 

The press. Are here. And pressing me to talk! 

I love it!

Thank you, Bob Steele, Dan the man and Mike Evans at CBC. 

Please listen to the interview tonight at 5:40pm on CBC Radio 1550AM OR you can listen via the word wide web at <a href="; </p>

Here are some photos of my adventure.

Visitor parking: I drove right past this and didn’t park where I was supposed to. 

CBC Sign: The first pic is blurry but you can see Bob Steele’s name in neon. 

CBC Sign on building: Why not? That’s where all the magic happens..

In-Studio: My manuscript on the desk in the recording studio. 

In-Studio again: Me and Bob Steele. (Notice my green shirt. Ahem. It’s NOT St. Patrick’s Day yet, Vanessa.)


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