My Book


boxes of books on my floor

holding their ground

mixing with dust toys kids in

life we live


boxes of words on white pages

standing their ground

spreading onto shelves bedside tables bathroom baskets in

lives you live


boxes of me 

heavy ripping open 

my life on the page


It’s amazing how we’ve all been waiting since September 2010 to have these books in our lives…in boxes on my floor…in my hand filled with post-it notes and highlighting for when I read from it.

How quickly it becomes a part of our life. An apparatus for Miller to climb on and pose like she owns the place. She does. One box is open. I sat beside it and looked inside. Stacks of ‘my’ book. I cried but only a little. I cried because it’s real and I have to accept it!

The launch is four days away.

I’ll be ready.         





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