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Plugged In!

Yesterday afternoon I went to Cogeco Cable in Windsor, ON to do an interview on the show ‘Plugged In’. I was met by the glorious Marlene Corey and the Cogeco team, and Houida Kassem, host of ‘Today’s Windsor’. Boy, did we have fun. Get three women who’ve had two kids each together to talk about their vaginas – watch out!

The studio looked fabulous. I got to sit in a plush, suede chair,  wear a mic, and have a camera locked off on a close up of just me. (I thought the camera added ten pounds not ten cows to my body!!! Yikes!) I also had a coffee mug with water in it. I made sure I actually drank from it. Do you ever notice that on every talk show there is some sort of cup on the table for the guests and hosts. I rarely see anyone drink from the cup. Maybe it’s cause there isn’t anything in it? There was cool water in mine. I took advantage and sipped often!

Houida was a fabulous host. She asked great questions and we had a wonderful, comical conversation.

The camera operators were young men. One of them was in high school. After we finished taping, he said that he had to go to school and write about his co-op experience. I bet he never thought he’d spend his afternoon listening to two grown-up women talking about how their vaginas hurt when they were pregnant!

I’ll admit I was nervous about how I looked…my clothes, my hair. It was humid outside so my hair was extra puffy. I tried to tame it with a flower barrette. I tried to sit straight so my belly rolls wouldn’t show…but that was too hard so I relaxed and told myself: this is your body – love it. After all, isn’t that what I write about! I can’t deny though that I do think about how my body looks. Especially before going to tape a show that will be on television!

Plugged In! is my television debut with my book. Here’s looking forward to many, many more! Marilyn Dennis! Ellen! Oprah and your network – watch out – I’m comin’!

Thanks again, TV Cogeco Cable, the Plugged In! team, Houida Kassem and Marlene Corey!