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Guest Speaking Engagements

I’ve had three guest speaking engagements since the publication of Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy. With each one, the butterflies in my belly are calming. They’re not fluttering away but certainly fluttering softer.

Today, I visited the Hypertext class, taught by Marty Gervais, at the University of Windsor. I joined poet and journalist Robert Earl Stewart, and we spoke to the class about our careers and the media. There was much laughter, participation and engaging. 

Last night, I spoke in Barry Brodie’s class, Creative Process, also held at the University of Windsor. I talked about the creative process of writing in relation to writing my book as well as to writing in general. It was so much fun! I felt inspired by the student’s questions and excitement. 

Earlier this month, I joined two editors from the editing team, and we spoke to a high school Writer’s Craft class about the Editing & Publishing Practicum class the University of Windsor offers. The students were keen and involved in the presentation. 

I could really get used to guest speaking. I feel like it’s part of what I was born to do – talk about writing, help inspire people to be creative. 

The butterflies keep me on my toes and in my truth. They can be tamed a bit, but I hope they never fly away. 

Thank you, Joe at Villanova, Marty and Barry at the University of Windsor. 

If you’re interested in having me guest speak, don’t hesitate to send me a line. Visit and click on ‘Vanessa as Guest Speaker’ – in white at the top of the page. 


Thank you!