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Shields Announces Upcoming Memoir Creative Writing Class!

The wait is almost over for those of you who want to hunker down, dig deep and write your life story! Please see the synopsis for part one of the two-part memoir writing class I’ll be offering. 

No dates are confirmed as of today, but the goal is to offer this course in the fall. 

Hope to see you there!



Memoir Part I – Unfolding Your Story

8 wk creative writing class

Synopsis: Unfold Your Story!

You are unique and so is your life experience. In the eight-week creative writing course, Memoir Part I – Unfolding Your Story, learn what a memoir is and how to reach into your own life-story and unfold it onto the page. You will learn format and style as well as how to bring your unique life experiences from your memory to the safe space on the page. Who you are is worth writing about.