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Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy – What the Readers are Saying!



Reader: Marlene, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“It is humorous and has a tongue-in-cheek look at the everyday ups and downs of women who have a toddler to care for and have another one on the way! Shields’ wonderful humour captures an inside look at motherhood. Some of us may remember Author Erma Bombeck back in the 70s with her wonderful sense of humour at looking at motherhood and raising a family. This could be the modern day version!” 

Reader: Chris, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada – Father of one

“…you have a hit on your hands and that your honest and very funny writing will resonate bigger then most will imagine.” 

Reader: Darlene, Ontario, Canada

“…what a colourful, brutally honest adventure you have written about…”

Reader: Jeanette, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – Mother of one

“I GOT THE BOOK…and already read it cover to cover. I just couldn’t put it down! It was magical! 
Actually I had to pry it from my sister’s hands. She was having a very, very down, dark day. She picked up your book and flipped to the chapter about your bed pillow. As she read it out to me she was snorting with laughter and barely able to speak. It brought tears to her eyes and made her forget about her troubles for a moment. See the power you have as a writer!”

Reader: Sarah, Grimbsy, Ontario, Canada – Mother of one

“…[I] read it in almost one sitting!!!  I actually have it beside my bed and find myself opening and just randomly reading for a laugh and sometimes a cry…”


Reader: Meghan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Mother of two

“…loved it!  It was so fresh and fun and truly “laugh out loud funny” at some moments (although some others made me want to cry for you – how much you did go through!)”


Reader: Sarah, Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada – Pregnant for first time

I finished your book today! It was fantastic! It was so personal, I wasn’t expecting that. You are so brave for opening up yourself!! I congratulate you for being so open and honest!! I loved it!! It was so real and even though I am only in my 1st pregnancy, I could relate. :)

Reader: Carolyn, Windsor, ON
“Your book was a fine and fun read recalling some memories from the past for my four pregnancies.
This past weekend they were given to the four sons and families, and I am sure  they will enjoy the read.
I thoroughly enjoyed the birthing experience and count it as the best experience in my life, along with mothering.
Chapters three and four are so needed for women/girls today – your freedom to speak openly and easily about vaginas, bittersweet body fragrances is in such strong  contrast to an article in yesterday’s Globe (L2) titled “A mission to shed light on a taboo topic” and reference to a movie titled “The Cutting Tradition”.”



29-year-old mom

 “Refreshing, unique in this sub-genre of books”


29-year-old mom

“…I thought [the stories] were cute and real…”


23-year-old mom

“I liked that these chapters were completely realistic and true.”  “I can relate to the author because I’m pregnant for the second time, just like she writes about.” “I would recommend this book to other pregnant women who have a sense of humour and aren’t ashamed of woman/pregnancy related issues.” 



29-year-old dad

 “I enjoyed the self deprecating humour. The last line of Leftovers was perfectly delivered. This would be appealing to first time mom’s too.” “I think it helps the partner understand the mother. I can’t relate to these stories, but it gives me insight into her experience.” “…it would help start a converstation and bring us closer together.” 



44yr old dad

 “…telling it the way it is. Pregnancy is not glamourous. The body will be forever changed.”



Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy: A Memoir

Cost: $16.95



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