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Summer Writing Workshop #2 – Timed Writing – What a fun time!!


This morning’s summer writing workshop, Timed Writing was just delightful! We got so much writing done, and a lot of new pieces to expand on and complete. We wrote about feet, food and school. We laughed and shared memories. We listened to music and wrote, looked at a photograph and wrote. It was refreshing and inspiring!

Here’s a taste of what was written:

Writing exercise: look at a photograph – write for 5 minutes


Knuckle Mountains

by Vanessa Shields

cracks in fingers

like fossils on grey stone

atop seven knuckle mountains

carved into life’s hand landscape

nails corrugated

rimmed in black

jagged thick

puddles of strength

kind gentle

in their grit

these hands

will save you

a cut

diagonal healing

fusing wound

knuckle mountains

secret crevices stories in each fold