On Writing

This is where I write.

Although I missed the deadline to share this photo and a few words about my writing space for the CBC Summer Writing Challenge #1, I thought I’d still share it with you.

My office: cluttered and inspiring. Behind the chair is a wall full of bookshelves filled with books. I need about two more walls of book shelves to fill all of my books though. There are still bins of books waiting to be unloaded. One day…

I do enjoy writing in my office but some days, the ‘clutter’ is overwhelming and distracting. Alas, I have to say that my ‘writing space’ matches my ‘life space’ so currently, my life is very busy!

I write my Windsor Star blogs here in the early hours of Monday mornings. I submit poetry to contests here but usually the writing of the poems happens in different places, hand-written on paper first.

I’m fascinated with the ‘creative space’. I can’t say mine is confined to this office. Creativity can’t be contained! But I’m grateful for this space.

Where do you write?


One thought on “This is where I write.

  1. Looks like my office where I do most of my writing. Clutter and creativity must go hand in hand. Like you, though, I depend on the interaction with others and nature for inspiration and nurture.Bruce


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