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I took the kids to our babysitter’s family’s cottage in Grand Bend this past weekend. What an amazing time we had! The weather was crazy hot but we had Lake Huron to cool us off. I fell in love with this part of Ontario and I hope that we can have a cottage in the area at some point as well!

As always, I brought my trusty camera along to take some photos and record some special moments.

I was a bit nervous about the kids being in the water, but the lake as so shallow and calm that I was able to breathe and enjoy playing and swimming.

Do you know I absolutely LOVE swimming? I’m pretty sure I was an aquatic mammal in a past life. A dolphin or humpback whale perhaps. Maybe a mermaid. I can’t get the feeling of peace I get when I’m swimming under water…feeling small and enveloped by a huge body of water…I only feel this way when I’m swimming. Lake Huron was clean, cool and captivating. We went out to the deep part of the lake and swam there. The water was bluish green like water in the tropics! Just thinking about it now brings peace to my heart.

We spent an afternoon in Stratford. Our babysitter attended an acting camp there so we went to watch her performance. Miller kept calling out her name, it was too cute! Stratford is lovely. We’ll be back in August to watch a play.

I awoke early and watched sun rise. Went to the beach to watch the sun set. It was a real vacation – worries vacated my mind.

Thank you, Snaden’s!!!!