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Reading at Chapters – How it went

I was surrounded by friends, writers and people wondering who the woman was talking about vaginas .

I have to say that having my book at a store like Chapters is a dream come true. I can’t deny that in this day and age (sorry for the cliche term, but it’s true), in order to sell books it really helps if they’re on the shelf in a Chapters or Indigo. I’m thankful that we made it through the process to get my book on the shelf, and that we were able to add icing to our Chapters cake, and have a reading there as well.

I was very nervous. Not because I didn’t know what to say or what to read but because of what I was reading. Of course, I wrote the words. I had a sense of what I was getting myself into, but I can’t deny that I do still have to psyche myself up, gather my guts and courage, and stand with confidence in front of people and talk about private parts (both literal and figurative).

I think I’d been dreaming for this day, this reading at Chapters day, to come for so long that when it actually arrived I was more nervous than excited. But I did it.

I didn’t pack the house like Mitch Albom did, but hey, he’s Mitch Albom, and my day will come. I have faith.

Thank you Chapters team, and those who came to listen and support me. The life of a writer is not possible without the support of those around them.

Happy laughing!