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Life Size

Why kids are so amazing:


Conversation #1

Context: We’ve just eaten dinner (grilled cheese on whole wheat with ketchup, edamame beans, juice), and Jett is holding this new giant ‘life size’ book of vertebrae animals he was allowed to take home from daycare (thanks ABC Daycare!). He’s totally mad happy about this book and can’t stop looking at all the sharks/reptiles. 

He looks at the cover that says: ‘Life Size’ all over it and he reads it out loud. (What a smarty pants!)

He gets a serious look on his face and says:

“Dad, what size is your life?”

Really! Nick and I look at each other, our hearts exploding with joy and pride.

“I gotta big life, Goose,” Nick replied.

Gush. I mean, what a great question. Kids bring a perspective to the table that is just darn fabulous. And deep. 

Conversation #2:

Context: It’s bedtime. I’m laying (lying?) in bed with Miller. She’s holding a little wooden block. It has the letter ‘M’ on one side and other images on the other sides. 

I point to the letter and I say, “Do you know what that is?”

She gets really excited and says, “Four!” I laugh.

I say, “It’s a letter!” She says, “Two!”. I laugh again. 

“It’s the letter ‘M’. Do you know what word starts with the letter ‘M’?” 

She stands up and yells, “Three!” 

“Miller! The letter ‘M’ is what your name starts with.” 

She holds up her fingers, trying to get them to go in the three position. She gets it after some finagling.

“I’m gonna be this many on my birthday,” she said. Indeed. Three going on delicious!

Kids rock.