On Writing

One book to rule them all…

Quite a lovely and very thought provoking article. Asks the question, if you could write just one book (or one more) and that’s it forever and ever – what would it be about? 

I’ve always wanted to write a book about the art and love of writing…but up to this point I haven’t had the guts to even start. I can’t remember who told me that the worst thing a writer can do is write about writing, especially in the form of a poem. Hmmm. There are thousands of inspiring and honest books about writing that already exist. I just have to turn and look at my own book shelves to get a glimpse and a read of some of them.

I like to think I’m well versed on the topic of true love as well…but writing a book about it? Devoted to answering the question of ‘what is love’? I don’t know.  

What would your book be about? 

Check it out…