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Miller’s First Visit to the Dentist

Miller is turning three (GULP!) this Friday. We all know that three-year olds do not use a soother anymore, right? Right. Well, we’ve been prepping Miller to give away her collection of soothers at her first visit to the dentist. We did the same for Jett when he was three as well.

So yesterday at 12:20pm, I took Miller to the dentist. We met with hygienist ‘Joy’ (who really is her name!) and Miller experienced her first dental appointment.

She also handed Joy a bag (literally, see photo below!) of her coveted soothers (or choocho – that’s what we call it). I could see total fear and despair in Miller’s eyes but bravery got the better of her, and she climbed up on the chair and sat tight for the rest of the appointment.

We did the same with Jett, and told him that he needed to bring his soothers in so the dentist could give them to new babies who needed them. A three-year old is a big boy/girl so it’s time to pass the soothers on. Both kids didn’t argue with this idea. !

The visit is called a ‘show and tell’, where Miller gets to see the room/chair and then she gets her teeth counted. It’s really a wonderful first visit to a place that many people are very scared of (the dentist!).

I think the photos prove that Miller was as courageous and beautiful as ever!

She asked for her soother as soon as we got in the car, but a sugarless lollipop helped keep her distracted from the fact that the soothers were gone.

We did it! No more soothers!!


Miller in the chair!


The bag of soothers…really. A bag full!


Open wide!




One, two, three…


Almost done?!


Yeah! Prizes!


Cheese! Look at my teeth!

4 thoughts on “Miller’s First Visit to the Dentist

  1. A lovely and happy smile! That’s the best ending to any dentist visit. Well, it’s another milestone passed with those soothers gone now, but it will be all right. Soon enough, but not too soon, she’ll be all excited about the tooth fairy and her permanent teeth.


  2. Miller enjoyed that bag of goodies, eh? She really looks cool too – as if it’s not her first time. From what I see, she’s really uber-happy and confident of herself!


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