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Canada Reads 2012 – The Year of the Non-Fiction book! Please ‘recommend’ me!


For the first time ever, CBCs annual battle of the books will focus on non-fiction. Canadian non-fiction is a rich and diverse genre (John Vaillant! Stevie Cameron! Chester Brown! Margaret MacMillan!), and we think it’s high time that Canada Reads shines the spotlight on these great writers and their storytelling skills and five great non-fiction reads battle it out for the Canada Reads crown.”

If you click on the link below, you can ‘recommend’ your favourite non-fiction writers from Canada – tell us a bit about why you love their work and see who jumps on board. 

It would be great if you recommended ‘Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy’! Indeed, it certainly fits the category and can use the lovin’!

I’ve posted for Jane Christmas, a mentor and fabulous Canadian travel writer. 


Here’s the link to recommend!

Thank you!…