On Writing



For the next eight Tuesdays, I will be giving myself the gift of time. Time to write and work on all things writing related.

I’m teaching a memoir class in the evenings, and in an attempt to not fall into the rush-my-butt off for final preparations while working and mothering, I’ve worked it out that I have ALL DAY to prep and write.

My goal is to write a blog every Tuesday dedicated to writing. This blog will voice how I’m feeling as a writer – not a mother or wife or a worker. As a writer. That’s not to say that these parts of me (the mother, the wife, the worker,) won’t come up in the blog because they probably will, but I want to dedicate this form of writing to writing. For writing’s sake. 

I’m calling it Tuesday’s Truths. 

So here’s the first truth:

Being a writer means sitting down, shutting up and writing. I’ve heard it being called BICHOK – Butt in chair, hands on keyboard, and other great acronyms of the sort. For me, the shutting up portion is the most important. I don’t say ‘shut-up’ in my daily life. It’s not very nice, but for some reason, it’s the only thing that I can scream in my head at all the other voices (critics, lists, madwomen, etc.) that gets them to, well, shut up and be quiet.

I can sit at my desk and not write. Distraction is easy. I can look around at the piles of mess and think that I can’t write until it’s all tidy. But when I tell my mind to shut it, somehow, the piles blur, my back straightens, my  hands find their home on the keyboard, and the words gather in pretty little sentences in my mind. I can free them.

Being a writer, in my life, also means teaching myself that it’s okay to actually write. Which is why I want to dedicate this blog to my life as a writing writer. When I give myself the time to write, it’s usually in very short chunks. I don’t have the luxury of hours to ponder and be inspired. That comes while I’m multi-tasking my days away. Reallly, thinking about what I’m going to write happens as I’m thinking about what’s for dinner and who has to be picked up when and where. 

I want to stop doing that. For one day a week. 

Just be a writer. 

I’m feeling like the day is half gone instead of half open. It’s after 2pm and after this blog, I have to leave for a funeral. I’ve thus far written emails, finished prepping for my class and written my blog for The Windsor Star. That’s a great start, even though I’m feeling like it’s not enough. This is something I have to work on. I’m not a ‘half empty’ kinda gal. I’m a ‘half-full’ girl – but for some reason, it’s not with my writing. So I’m going to work on this as I write this blog. 

Another truth: life happens. It’s obvious, I know, but it happens. And that will mean that some Tuesdays I won’t get the WHOLE day to write. But even most of a whole day has got to be a prize I’m thankful for. And one that I take full advantage of. 

This is me. Vanessa. The writer. 

Why do I feel like I need to get to know her so much more?