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Tuesday’s Truths – Week Three


Writing accomplishments today (as of 4:38pm – there will be more during class tonight):

1) Memoir class prep – inlcuding making notes, lesson plan, fill in the chart hand-out – and a growing excitement for class at 6:30pm tonight. = 3 hours

2) Email correspondence – it counts. I’m writing. = .5 hours

3) Organizing two young adult novels I’m writing – including printing out what I’ve already written, gathering notes and hand-written stuff, hole-punching and putting everything into a binder (you know, it doesn’t feel real until it goes into a binder) = .5 hours

4) Thank you cards – people love getting mail. I love sending it. = .5 hours

5) This blog – going on just a few minutes now. I have to go make dinner after this is done. = .5 hours

6) Conversations about writing – with my publisher/friends/husband = 15 minutes

What’s that total? Five hours and 15 minutes (give or take a few). That’s great, right? 

I wonder who are you out there in the ether-world who get up and write – and that’s all you do? Any Hemingway’s out there? 

Truth: I realize that wishing for a full day free of everything but writing is unrealistic. I have to rid my mind of this fantasy. One has to do other things besides her art. And this is okay. Over five hours of writing and/or writing-related actions in one day is fantastic for a working mother/wife of two kids under six. 

All you writers out there doing your best to write everyday, it’s the process as much as it is the writing – that keeps you going, right? 

Is anyone out there? 

Also, I’ve just joined a bunch of writing blogs – most are from agents giving ‘friendly’ or not-so-friendly advice about the writing world. How to write a solid query letter, for example. I’ll need that info soon enough. 

But today, my third Tuesday, well, I’m in my truth. I write what I can when I write it. That’s my reality. And I have to be ecstatic about what I accomplish. 

Oh, and I had a sick child at home with me all day as well. 

May the writing force be with you. 


And one more ‘oh’ – YOU MUST READ THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. It’s one of the BEST BOOKS I’VE EVER READ. It’s up there with the Bronte and Bloom. I feel empty now that it’s over…and yet, the fullest I’ve felt after reading a book…Thank you Mary Ann and Annie.  

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