On Writing

NaNoWriMo – Day Seven – Word count: 2411 Total: 10,237


Had another great writing morning. 

Awoke at 5:45am to the harps on my phone alarm. Snoozed four times…actually got out of bed just after six. Was writing by 6:30am. Again, visited the loo, then wrote some more. 

Although my word count was good, I had to do a lot of thinking this morning. The scene, while not exactly full of action, was full of plot-driving movement. I had to really keep my plot and timeline in check. I realized that I wrote something in a previous chapter that I’ll need to go and amend because it doesn’t fit the plot. I got confused…and projected it into my character! Oh dear! I’ll find it though, and fix it up. 

The thing is I love my main character and her love interest so much I want to always write scenes with them. Of course, the others are as important in building a believable and powerful story so the challenge is too keep ALL the characters plump with realistic dialogue, characteristics and story lines.

This morning I added a sassy hair dresser to the plot…and some serious tension between my MC (main character) and her brotha. Soooo looking forward to writing more.

On the morrow…