On Writing

Tuesday’s Truths – Week Five


Sigh. It’s 3:19pm. The day has FLOWN by. Not because words for my novel are FLOWING out of me, nope. I haven’t started working on it yet today. Mostly because today has been a day of going with the FLOW.

Today has been a catch-up-on-writing-business day. It has been a catch up on emails and facebook messages day (and I haven’t fully caught up…some have been pushed to tomorrow’s list of things to do). I’ve been writing, but not necessarily on creative endeavours. It’s all good. I’m going with the FLOW. 

Week five of the eight I get to have all to myself has shined a light on this truth:

I can creat my own FLOW – then go with it. 

I’ve been making these massive lists of things to do each day. The size and breadth doesn’t scare me. It’s just I’ve realized that my brain doesn’t work well enough to try and remember everything – and get up early and write. So, I’m writing lists to keep me organized. This way, I can prioritize and accomplish tasks on a daily basis. Sometimes I write ‘get up’ on my lists. Hey, I have to, don’t I? It feels good to cross stuff off. 

Making lists helps me divy (spelling?) up my time well too, which, in turn helps me create my daily FLOW. 

Today, I have promised myself that I’ll do ‘business’ stuff until 4pm. Write creatively until 4:30pm. Shower. Prep dinner. Then head to Chapters…and then to my memoir class.  Oh, and a few other things that are on my list. 

Today, I’ve been ‘bumping’ the writing creatively parts on my list. And this is okay. Sometimes, I have to. I can’t concentrate if there are too many nagging voices in my head. If I don’t get to work on my novel before class, I’ll do my best to work on it after…

Or I’ll do what I’ve been doing – getting up early and writing. I didn’t this morning. I was too tired. So I went with the FLOW…and slept in. 

This is what organization, time management and discipline is about, right? Creating a FLOW that encompasses it all without making me crazy. 

Be well. Happy flowing!