On Writing

NanoWriMo – Day 14 – Word Count: 1191 Total: 20,930


Margaret Atwood said: A word after a word is power. (Thanks, Carlinda! I ‘borrowed’ this quote from the signature in her email message!) Isn’t that the rootin’ tootin’ truth!

(Did I just write rootin’ tootin’? Surely these two words should rarely or never be written word after word…)

I was up and at ’em by 6:15am this morning. I can’t remember my dreams but I was having them in between hitting snooze on my phone alarm. I awoke and didn’t know where I was or what day it was until I turned over and saw Jett in bed beside me and Nick beside him. I looked at the clock and realized it was Monday morning. Gotta get up and write. No complaining. No fuss. Just get up and write. 

I keep thinking about how important it is to ALWAYS MOVE THE PLOT, specifically by SHOWING NOT TELLING. Something major must be revealed in the next five pages. It has to or I know I’ll have lost my reader(s). 

In an email from NaNoWriMo-er Jonathan Letham, he wrote: 

Arrive without coming in, and leave without leave—leave before you leave, if you get my drift. End the scene with the glance at the door, if even the glance. And there’s probably no writer who ever paused in his commitment to realism to consider how often a nose blown or a bladder emptied didn’t quite rate mention.”

It’s so true. I was actually working on a bathroom scene this morning and was getting caught up in details that weren’t necessary – although there were many that were very necessary, I had to keep focused on what to keep in and what to keep out. It turned out to be a pretty good scene, if I do say so myself. There’s nothing like a young woman who starts to recognize the ‘woman’ her body is turning into…

I’ve certainly left before leaving as well. I’m not worrying about the transitions. They’ll get there. Sometimes they work out smoothly, but mostly the don’t. So I stop worrying about bow-tie-ing everything and just letting things end where they end. A cell phone closes. A hand brushes a shoulder. That’s enough. 

I reached twenty thou this morning. I feel like this is a big deal. Only 30,000 more to go. 

Wow. Actually, that sounds gruellingly worse. Let’s just celebrate the 20,000 and not worry about what’s left, okay? 

I think and breathe my characters. I’m totally falling in mad love with all of them. I want to continue to write them into being…I can’t wait to get back to them. My MC (main character) is about to hear the beginning of a rather huge and scary truth. There goes her world – upside down – again.